[Client update] Auto-Proxy detect in v3.0.96

A friendly feature have been added, Auto-Proxy detect which will do a lot of help if you lost in the Proxy setting procedure. Having Auto-Proxy detect work, first you need to check up “Automatically detect settings” in the LAN settings from Internet Explorer. We hope you enjoy the efficient brought by this function!

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How to optimize internet settings in ASUS WebStorage 2.2?

The brand new ASUS WebStorage 2.2 has launched! This is a major revision for ASUS WebStorage. Together with a more interactive UI, we also add many thoughtful features, which is especially designed for the pros and office works. Today, we’re going to introduce one of the widely praised features — “network settings”. This feature is especially practical for users who want to run several tasks at the same time, or whose enterprise firewall would block ASUS WebStorage. Now, follow our tips to create the “optimize settings”!

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