[Instruction] New Feature! ASUS WebStorage x FTP

🚀Do you know how fast it is to upload or download files to/from ASUS WebStorage via FTP?

Uploading 50 Photos to the Cloud Only Takes 10 Seconds 🆚 Other cloud services need about 2 minutes. Compared with that, we are super-fast!

Downloading a Huge 10GB File Only Takes 30 Minutes 🆚 With other cloud services, it usually takes 1.5 hours. We are 3 times as fast!

You can even drag files from your NAS, your computer’s local drive, or your portable hard drive to save them to the cloud! Fast and easy!

Plans with FTP support are available HERE!

Upload/Download Files Fast with Just 6 Steps!

⬇️First, you need to download a FTP application to your Windows computer. (In this post, we will be using FileZilla as an example.)

Download FileZilla Client for Windows (64bit)
Download FileZilla Client for Windows (32bit)

🔐The protocols ASUS WebStorage currently supports are: FTP, FTPS (encrypted), and SFTP (encrypted).


  • Open FileZilla 
    and click “Site Manager icon” 
    on the top left of the screen.
  • Click “New Site”.
  • Select a protocol: FTP, FTPS or SFTP, then enter the host in the “Host:” field, and your ASUS Cloud account in the “User:” field.
  • Click “Connect”, then enter your password and you’ll have logged in successfully.

NOTE:Host address will be different depends on your ID register country.



  • On the left side of the screen is the local site, i.e. your computer’s local directory.
    On the right side is the folder directory of the ASUS WebStorage cloud.
  • You can drag files from your computer’s local directory to the folders on the right to ⬆️upload them.
  • To ⬇️download files, drag the files from the cloud folder to your computer’s local directory.

Note: After connecting to your ASUS WebStorage cloud storage, you will see 1 cloud folder :

MyCollections: Launch the iOS/Android ASUS WebStorage app. → Click “Settings” and enable MyCollections to preview files. (This folder does not take up device storage.)


You can check the files you uploaded to the cloud via FTP using ASUS WebStorage Website.

Corresponding folder names on FTP and ASUS WebStorage Website.

If you need help, please feel free to –

👨‍💻Contact ASUS Cloud Support ]👩‍💻

Or leave a message below! 👇👇👇

8 thoughts on “[Instruction] New Feature! ASUS WebStorage x FTP”

  1. This is the 2nd time I have done this on my Asus laptop – checked OK then GiftBox gets nothing.

    Storage only for a year – not worth it.

    1. I’m trying to connect to my ASUS webstorage via Filezilla but I’m getting invalid username error. I’m using the email address I have signed to my ASUS account and the same I use for the login via browser. Is this correct?

  2. What you guys mean with “ftp storage account”? It is a different and exclusive plan?? because I can’t find it online, in that case, could you guys send me the link? I thought it was a feature. The only things that I can choose are the capacity of the space (I have 1TB for 2 years).

    1. Hi Helmut! Yes, but the plan and amount of space will be replaced by the current plan and the expiration date will be extended.
      If you have any further question, please contact our Customer Service Team: contact@asuswebstorage.com ~ Have a good day!

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