The latest features of New ASUS WebStorage website!

🌐New ASUS WebStorage website has already released!
🔰It’s simpler and convenience now.💆‍♂️

👇You can refer to the following introduction of the latest feature.👇


Feature 1

  • Upload File x Move File x Right Click To Manage File
⭐It just likes the Windows Explorer!

➡️You can select the files you need to upload from the PC and drag it into the new webpage directly


➡️You can also move your files from that function page at any time by dragging.


➡️You can manage your file by right click your mouse.


Feature 2

  • Large Icon View

➡️The [Grid View] button at the top-right corner of the screen allows viewing with [Large Icon View].



Feature 3

  • Detail information x leave a comment

➡️Clicking [ info button ] to open the details right upper corner.



➡️The [ Details] window can be switched to display  [Comment ] window.新功能3-3.PNG



If you need help, please feel free to –

👨‍💻Contact ASUS Cloud Support ]👩‍💻

Or leave a message below! 👇👇👇

4 thoughts on “The latest features of New ASUS WebStorage website!”

  1. I am unable to delete a file from my Webstorage portal. Any files under the “Personal Device” view do NOT show the DELETE option. I only see the delete option for files in the “MySyncFolder” view. How do I delete files that I don’t want stored on the cloud? I have selected the “Cancel Backup” on my PC but the file has already backed up to the cloud.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Bruce, If you would like to delete the “Personal Device”s file, please delete the corresponding file on your local (device) at first.
      After this, you will be able to delete them on our web version. If you have any questions related to ASUS WebStorage, please feel free to contact our Customer Support Team: 🙂

  2. I have a similar problem, except I have a corrupted file in the online “Personal Device” tab. I had a similar file (temp file) on my local device, but the contents did not match what was being stored online. I still deleted the file on my local device but the online file still does not have a delete option. The online version has filled almost 1TB with non-existent files thus using up all of my online storage. Each file is exactly 5.56GB in size. I need another way to reset or delete the Personal Device folders. Thank you

    1. Hi Steve! Thank you for your message. To delete the “Personal Device” files on the web version, you need to complete the following operation: 1. The file is on the “backed-up” situation with WebStorage for Windows APP. 2. The local file needs to be deleted.
      Then go back to the web version → “Personal Device” → Find the same path as the local site → It will shows “Local file deleted” below the file name → Right-click on this file to delete it permanently.
      The “Personal Device” is a “one-way” synchronization function on ASUS WebStorage, you could set a back-up PC and back-up the PC local data to the cloud. But the deletion function will not be sync to the cloud to prevent the PC accident or other situation.
      If you still cannot be able to delete the file on the web version, please contact our support team by emailing with your registered email address and provide The file/folder name (with complete path) that you want to delete.

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