Is the available space on your hard drive shrinking like a puddle in the sun? Remote Drive expands your storage space without wasting your hard-earned cash!


In this era of high performance SSDs, computers are running faster than ever, but shrinking hard drive space is becoming a frustration for many users. So how does one maintain speed without ever having to worry about available space again?


With services like automatic synchronization, instant sharing, and secure encryption, Remote Drive meets your every need and completely solves the problem of not having enough hard drive space. Here are the 3 key features of Remove Drive:

  • Provides extra space – on the cloud! Your data will not take up any space on your local drives.
  • File Explorer Interface: Familiar feel and intuitive operation.
  • Easy Expansion: Never run out of space again.

Download > Register > Enjoy free trial for 30 days >>

* Trial limited to once per user per lifetime, upgrade within 30 days and receive up to 70% off!

See Why Everyone is Using Remote Drive

Running out of hard drive space

Enjoying faster speeds with SSD, but running out of hard drive space? Remote Drive to the rescue! Remote Drive can expand your storage space and easily store files to the cloud!004_en

Public Computers at Risk of Data Compromise

Worried about public computers compromising your data? Remote Drive is your ultimate security weapon. Use Remote Drive to access files on the cloud, and you can avoid syncing files to the local storage, completely eliminating the possibility of compromising your data. With Remote Drive, any computer is a safe computer.002_en

Ransomware Threats

The ransomware continues its rampage around the world. Are you worried that you might be next? Worry not! Use Remote Drive to back up your data and keep all your important files safe on the cloud.003_en

Phone Died Photos Lost

Do you like snapping pictures to record your daily life? Without backups, what would happen to your precious memories if your phone breaks down suddenly? Using the camera’s upload function, you can back up each and every photo to the cloud automatically. Remote Drive can deliver your photos directly to your computer, no file transfers necessary.001_en


17 thoughts on “Is the available space on your hard drive shrinking like a puddle in the sun? Remote Drive expands your storage space without wasting your hard-earned cash!”

    1. Remote Drive would keep the data in the cloud and users could directly access the data without download them in local PC.
      Therefore the data would not infected any virus on your device.

      In addition, you could access your data anytime and anywhere with the cloud!

      Free sign up:
      Log in to access your data anywhere via website:

      1. An external HDD will keep the data on the external HDD; no need to download anything to any computer, the files can be accessed directly.
        With the external HDD in your pocket or bag, you can access your data any time and anywhere in the world.
        No monthly fees, no worrying about the safety of your data.

      2. You could refer to our 5GB lifetime free space for trial at
        With WebStorage, you could access your data anytime and anywhere from any device via
        And apps

        You could also take WebStorage as your second or third backup
        Or share your data by simply enable a link by

    1. You could refer to any of our present plan at and have Remote Drive service free for one year!

      Good news:【Remote Drive】 Free trial!Once in a lifetime!Upgrade within 30 days to enjoy 70% discount off!
      Check it out
      200GB / 1year:AWSDRIVE50OFF
      2TB / 1year:AWSDRIVE60OFF
      5TB / 1year:AWSDRIVE70OFF

  1. Dear I wanted to know that how much space is in free trial and if I do not take your plan my storage will be gone forever or it will be there

    1. You could upload folders with ASUS WebStorage 🙂

      You could also sync all the data/folder in MySyncFolder by install PC app
      1. Please make sure the target files is dragged/put into “MySyncFolder”(The system’s default path for MySyncFolder is C:\ASUS WEBSTORAGE\Your user ID/ or directly click on WebStorage icon)
      2. Next, please make sure there’re small green dots on the files in the MySyncfolder. (Green dots stand for successfully uploaded to the cloud; if install other cloud service might be invalid)
      3. Afterwards, you could check if the file on the cloud by logging on web (or WebStorage app).
      4. Please check if the file is not bigger than the single file upload limit (Free 500MB; Paid 10GB).
      Please avoid to set the sync path with the system default path of Windows(For example, C:\Users or C:\Windows), which cannot be access from regular apps.

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