[Claim Your 500 GB] For users with WebStorage pre-installed on their laptops

Tired of having to find a way to transfer your data every time you get a new computer? Then let ASUS help! Our simple-to-use cloud storage service, ASUS WebStorage, can be installed on any brand of computer. Just upload your data from your old computer, then download it onto your new one. There’s no need to manually transfer data ever again, saving you time and effort.

→ Check how much free cloud storage you can receive for your laptop WebStorage Checker

<How to Claim> 4 Key Steps

1. Uninstall the old version of WebStorage on your computer (PC settings→Control Panel→ Programs→ Uninstall programs→ WebStorage).

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2. Download and install the ASUS app store application, ASUS GiftBox.


3. Open GiftBox, find the WebStorage app, re-download and install the app.


4. Activate your WebStorage free space with your ASUS ID, and enjoy smart living on the cloud!

About WebStorage

New member exclusive offer 1TB → $5.49

To thank you for your support, WebStorage offers new members registered in the last 30 days the special opportunity to purchase 1TB of cloud storage for 1 year, at only USD$ 5.49! Simply use the promotional code AWESOMEB030 to apply the offer to your purchase.

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4 thoughts on “[Claim Your 500 GB] For users with WebStorage pre-installed on their laptops”

  1. Clicking on the Giftbox here opens the Giftbox webpage but there is no clickable item to down load it!

    Putting Giftbox into the Start Menu Search Box says that the app will not run on my device! And all this when I have uninstalled WebStorage!

    1. The Giftbox event is for Windows OS.

      Some of the ASUS device has offer additional free WebStorage, please install the tool to confirm the qualifications of your device: http://globedl.asuswebstorage.com/asuswebstorage/client_update/asp/WebStorageGiftCheck/
      (Only the listed device is qualified: http://content.asuswebstorage.com/asuswebstorage/packagesupport/package_en.xls )

      If your device is qualified, please install and log in Giftbox version of WebStorage at

  2. All i get from that link is 404, none of the giftbox downloads have a valid security certificate…I’m qualified for 500gb free but can’t access giftbox!

    1. Hi, please re-install ASUS WebStorage application and install the Gfitbox version here:

      If you still cannot activate the WebStorage space, please provide the following information to customer service: contact@asuswebstorage.com

      1. ASUS Cloud ID
      2. Serial number/Mac address
      3. Operation system version
      4. Take the screenshots of the check result
      5. If using PC, please provide PC Log( Right click on the WebStorage Icon in tool bar >>support>>get log>>zip all the .txt log files and send to us)
      6. Device model name
      7. Please retry and provide the timing (GMT+you are in)
      You could log out and login again to see if there is a message to confirm adding the space

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