New member exclusive offer 1TB → $13.49

Oh no! My cellphone storage is full again!

My hard drive is really slow, what if I lose all of my videos and music?

Oh God! The meeting has started and my important files are still at home…

File storage management problems can pop up anywhere and everywhere.Even a small error could have irreparable consequences.

Thank you for your continued interest in WebStorage. Not only do we provide the best cloud solutions, as appreciation for your support, we now invite you to an even more convenient and smart experience with a super affordable special offer!

To thank you for your support, WebStorage offers new members registered in the last 30 days the special opportunity to purchase 1TB of cloud storage for 1 year, at only USD$ 13.49! Simply use the promotional code ESALE350B030 to apply the offer to your purchase.


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25 thoughts on “New member exclusive offer 1TB → $13.49”

  1. What does “Backup on 1 PC” mean? If I can only use this program on one computer alone, than it is of no use to me.

  2. I am a new ASUS Desktop purchaser. Is this to be used as a daily back-up copy of my computer hard-drive in the event of a crash, virus or malware infection, etc.?

    1. ASUS WebStorage could backup your data with sync and backup function
      (Backed up data cannot be easily removed)
      (Deletion would also be synced)

      When infect data are uploaded, we cannot revert the data
      (Security of WebStorage )

      But you could copy the data to My Collection folder from time to time for a second backup, which would not auto sync with your PC

      Or refer to remote drive app to prevent data infected owing to the data is directly access from the cloud instead of save in local PC

      Roll down to download:

  3. For capacity and energy consumption concern, mobile devices do not offer automatically syncing.

    Please refer to “Camera upload” function to upload all pictures taken with the default camera of your mobile.
    Please make sure you have enable the “Camera upload” and “over Wi-Fi and mobile network” to upload and update files in settings.

    Open WebStorage app >> click at the left upper side >> roll down to “Settings” >> Camera Upload

    You could also uplaod files by click on the yellow upload sign at the right lower side by select the file you wish to upload.

    Files in the cloud also would not be synced to your device, please access via the app.

  4. Hello,

    If i buy one of those products (ex: 1 TB/year), then i keep my files such as a photos, music, videos or whatever files until full, what happened if my asus web storage is expired?

      1. So the 1tb for 5.49 a year is only for 1 year then I only have the option to choose other regular plans ie. 29.99 for 200gb a year or 99.99 for 2TB a year…. correct??

  5. Can you help me for asus support with my motherboard for PC on win7-32. When I start windows, then open bios setting “go to advance boot setting and set CSM setting for yuor boot device”
    I only set “F10”- save setting and exit and windows start correctly ???
    My motherboard is J1800I-C

    1. We feel regret to inform you that we are not authorized to provide you an official reply, which is more related to ASUS hardware (our parent company).

      Please refer to below info:

  6. I got an email saying that I could get 500GB for free…. I ended up getting only 5GB after spending time on downloading a webstorage.exe, and then a giftshop.exe, installing the shit and creating an account…
    Now I have to spend time on uninstalling everything, and deleting my account.
    What a bad way to start out my relationship with Asus by getting spam mail 😦

    1. Please install the tool to confirm the qualifications of your device:
      (Only the listed device is qualified: )

      If your device is qualified, please install and log in Giftbox version of WebStorage at

      You might see the 1TB promotion if your device is not qualified.

      Should you have any further questions, please email to : )

  7. Why is not possible to choose to sync a drive, just a folder? I try to choose my whole drive. 😦

    Should be without a problem if you ask me.

  8. I find your offer is somewhat misleading. $5.xx for 1TB seems like a good deal.. but after I get over half of it used up and a year comes around.. you’re going to charge me $99.xx for the next year?! If I don’t want the deal, if I don’t get my stuff downloaded from your cloud, you’ll delete it in 30 days. Soooooooooooo, inconvenient.

    Why should I ‘buy’ your cloud storage, when I get 15GB from Google/Microsoft/Amazon.. etc. FREE! I can download anything from them too, anywhere..Lets see… One Drive is connected to all my devices… Google Drive is connected to all my devices…… Amazon Drive is connected to all my devices… what about Drop Box… and all others, much cheaper or FREE.

    YOU TELL ME……… why should I pay for it? ……Especially, when your sign up registration utility doesn’t even work to register my ASUS Motherboard! But your spammy junk emails seem to work just fine!

    1. Thank you for your message! The 1TB plan is for our new members.
      We do not have auto-renew function and will not auto charge from you!
      If you do not wish to renew next year, you could email to and authorize us to adjust the account to 5GB lifetime for you (The data needs to be reduced within 5GB in 30 days)

      Thank you for your consideration!

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