Four major functions of ASUS WebStorage effectively tackle ransomware attacks


Increasingly rampant computer viruses are nothing new nowadays, but most of the attack victims can still bring their computers back to life by operating system reinstallation and retrieving the files backed up somewhere else. However, recently some ransomware can encrypt or even delete the files on breached computers, and such encrypted files would become useless forever if a decryption ransom is unavailable.

There is no perfect solution to ransomware, but four major functions of ASUS WebStorage can easily recover your data encrypted or deleted by ransomware and you need not pay a dime.

A. Previous Version Management for direct file recovery
Each and every edited and modified version of your files stored on ASUS WebStorage is automatically kept up to 30 days, and your file log can tell you when you make such editing and modification for you to download any edited and modified version. As a result, any damaged or encrypted file would be non-issue because Previous Version Management is readily available to you.
※ The function is only available to ASUS WebStorage’s website and app.
>> How to use Previous Version Management for file recovery:
Step 1. Click on View Previous Versions
Step 2. Download the versions that you need to your computer.

B. In case of file deletion by malware, go to Recycle Bin on ASUS WebStorage for deleted file recovery. If any file is deleted by malware but Previous Version Management is unavailable, what is deleted is still kept by ASUS WebStorage and can be downloaded from Recycle Bin on ASUS WebStorage in 30 days.
※ The function is only available to ASUS WebStorage’s website.

C. Activate MySyncFolder or Back-up Data to let your data exist on both your computer and ASUS WebStorage. A. and B. are helpful when any file is encrypted by ransomware, but the best solution is to back up your files regularly.
>> Synchronization with MySyncFolder
If you have data stored in MySyncFolder on ASUS WebStorage, please go to the website of ASUS WebStorage to download ASUS WebStorage to your computer after operating system reinstallation, After you download ASUS WebStorage and synchronize it with MySyncFolder, your data in MySyncFolder will also appear on your computer and can be accessible from ASUS WebStorage on your desktop to do without webpage opening or account and password input.
>> Back-up Data for one-key uploading
Back-up Data can select the folders on your computer for backup on ASUS WebStorage. When you need to reinstall your operating system or buy a new computer, you can completely restore what you have on ASUS WebStorage onto your reinstalled or new computer.
※ The function is only available to the ASUS WebStorage downloaded onto your computer.
>> How to activate Back-up Data:
Step 1. Click on a concealed key at the lower right corner to locate ASUS WebStorage and right-click the mouse to enter Control panel.
Step 2. Find Back-up Data from Control Panel and select the file to be backed up to start backup setting
Step 3. Sign-in onto ASUS WebStorage after backup setting is completed to check whether backup has started, and it has started if you see the file selected.

4 thoughts on “Four major functions of ASUS WebStorage effectively tackle ransomware attacks”

  1. Desejo uma tutoria para usuário iniciante do webstorage.
    Sérgio Costa

  2. It’s good to know that Asus Web Storage includes a previous version of files stored in. In ramsonware attacks, previous version is the only proven method for file recovery. I feel confident with such a quality service for my files.

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