Top Tips & Tools for PowerDirector to Making Enchanting Videos!


If you are a beginner to video editing, or if you don’t have a lot of time to create new videos, take a look at PowerDirector’s Express Projects. They let you quickly create professional-quality videos in just three simple steps! You can edit the preset effects in each Express project template with fully customizable design tools. Mix and match sequences to tell your story your way.

<Step 1>  First, you need to have PowerDirector installed. ( download free trial) In PowerDirector, click on the “Express Project” icon and enter “Edit” mode.


The selection of “Express Project Templates” are broken into beginning, middle, and end segments, each with its own with preset effects, animation and music. Before dragging a segment to the timeline, you preview it by selecting and clicking the “Play” button.


After dragging the segment the timeline, you can click (Zoom in) button to check how many media sources you will need for the chosen segment.


<Step 2>  Scroll down the list, choose “Media Content” and click , import media .


Drag and drop the media clips you want into the numerical placeholders in the beginning, middle and end segments of the project. This will replace the placeholders with your content you want to add, without changing the structure of the express project.


If you want to customize the effects or text, just double click the item you want to modify. A new editing window will pop up for that item. You can edit text content, font style, color, size, and position through the “Title Designer” tool. Don’t forget to “Save” your new design when you are done editing, so you changes will be applied.


Background music plays an important role in your video, and creates emotion around your message. If the segment you chose does not come with music, you can add music to the corresponding timeline track.


Step 3: When everything is done, click on “Produce” to render and output your video. If you want to output to file, you can choose “Standard 2D” >> “H.264 AVC” >> “MP4”. You can also click “Online”, and directly upload your video to a social media site (Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc.) Finally, click “Start” ….


… and your holiday video is complete !

Watch “Express Projects” video tutorial
Download more Express Project templates for free
(Tutorial prepared by CyberLink. Learn more or Register for our free Webinar)



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