ASUS WebStorage offers multiple bargains to celebrate Christmas with you!


ASUS WebStorage would like to help prepare you for the upcoming Christmas. You can easily store the photos and videos of how you enjoy getting together with your family and friends, Christmas feast, gift exchanges, and every wonderful moment of celebration.

In order to thank you for your long-time support, ASUS WebStorage offers several great bargains from December 2, 2015 to 24:00 (GMT+8), January 5, 2016 to help you better enjoy the festival.

<The 1st activity>

Subscription to 100GB will get 200GB, while extra-large spaces of 1TB and 5TB are available at a discount of 20% for you to store any files that you want to. Subscribe now to enjoy the super bargain.

<The 2nd activity>

During the promotion period, PhotoDirector 6 Deluxe is freely downloadable (Price 59.99) to let you make all your Christmas photos more impressive and have them securely stored on ASUS WebStorage. Download NOW>> 

<The 3rd activity>

In addition to the freely downloadable Cyberlink, PowerDirector — a powerful video editing application — is available at extra 10% off discount for you to easily edit all your videos and have them securely stored on ASUS WebStorage, too. BUY NOW>> 

Please choose “Add to cart” and click the coupon code button and insert the code: ASUSXMAS10 to enjoy the 10% discount!

10 thoughts on “ASUS WebStorage offers multiple bargains to celebrate Christmas with you!”

  1. Well I was in market for the’ 2 in one laptops’. Same thing there is no price easily accessible from your webpage which becomes frustrating and I have moved on. May be its time for you guys to redesign your webpage before holiday season?

  2. I already hate the free ASUS cloud storage. How do I get rid of this cloud storage? How do I keep ASUS from repeatedly bugging me to sign up for more storage?

    1. Dear James, you can close you WebStorage account, please contact to our customer service, they will help you to solve your question (

  3. Hi, the 200Gb offer instead 100Gb will be only for one year or every years I will pay €19,99 for 200Gb? Thanks

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