Innovative ASUS HomeCloud revolutionizes cloud-based home data storage service

The explosive demand for data storage has already made public cloud spaces insufficient to accommodate numerous audios, still images, and videos. As a result, many people have started to resort to private cloud spaces at home to better meet their needs and wants, but network attached storage (NAS) is the only solution in the market at present that provides cloud-based storage, but how to set up and use NAS is very complicated. Now, the brand new ASUS HomeCloud features streamlined installation and setup procedures for you to learn how to use it in no time.

Understanding what users need and want, ASUS Cloud is able to provide better user experiences by ongoing optimization of existing technologies to make what users are already familiar with even more easier and intuitive for them.

ASUS HomeCloud resolves the most difficult NAT transversal setup

NAT transversal, simply speaking, helps you use handhelds, e.g., smart phones or tablets, when you are on the go to access your network storage device back at home. NAT transversal has complicated setup procedures and NAS, for example, probably first requires you to have a domain name registration on the Dynamic Domain Name Service (DDNS), so that the DDNS can be activated on NAS, where your DDNS account information should also be entered for NAS to update a WAN IP to the DDNS provider.

Afterwards, you will have to connect back to NAS by using the registered domain name. This is simply too difficult, if not impossible, for everyday people.

ASUS HomeCloud has simplified such complicated procedures for your PC with ASUS HomeCloud downloaded and activated to automatically generate a record of the PC at ASUS Cloud. When you are on the go, you can always connect back to the PC to access data there.


Remote host of ASUS HomeCloud provides Wake on Wan in addition to NAT transversal

Because a record of your PC will be generated in our system after you activate ASUS HomeCloud on the PC, ASUS WebStorage App on your handheld will go to our Wake-on-Wan server to wake up* the PC from sleep mode. Therefore, no matter wherever you are, you can always access your PC on which ASUS HomeCloud is installed.

Because Wake on Wan is built-in on ASUS HomeCloud, it will work upon you logging; no extra setting is required. Moreover, the built-in Wake on Wan helps save power for your PC to stay on sleep mode in addition to strengthening the convenience of access.

Please come experience for yourself the cloud-based home data storage service; you will learn how to set it up and use it in no time. The thoughtful service lets you use various types of handhelds to access any data on your PC back at home anytime and anywhere.


Download ASUS HomeCloud now.

★ Scenarios of how ASUS HomeCloud is used in daily life

Know more about ASUS HomeCloud


* The network interface card of the PC on which ASUS HomeCloud is installed should be able to support Wake on Wan.

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