Instant upload of ASUS WebStorage: Every photos could store in cloud immediately

If the photos on your cell phone have reached the memory limit but you do not want to delete any of them, it would a hassle for you to copy so many photos onto your computer.  Why not have such photo uploaded onto cloud immediately after they are taken to save the troubles of copying or separate uploading afterward?  Moreover, those photos would be gone forever if you lose your phone or your phone is damaged beyond repair.

The aforementioned incidents would be non-issue right after you activate the instant upload function of ASUS WebStorage.

Instant upload activation steps:

  • Open the ASUS WebStorage app and then go to the setup page;
  • Activate the instant upload function;
  • Choose the folder where photos will be uploaded to; and
  • After confirming the folder, all the photos captured by your phone camera will be automatically uploaded onto ASUS WebStorage for secure storage.

★ Video on instant upload activation steps

6 thoughts on “Instant upload of ASUS WebStorage: Every photos could store in cloud immediately”

  1. I am trying to access the cloud and it says to reset your password and it wont let me do it.
    I don’t know what to do?

    please help

  2. stored immediately, realy? My experience is it takes randomly from a few minutes to days before it actually sync. The files changed on my computer yesterday (about 30 files, less than 100 MB) are stil not synced 1 day later.

  3. Are there any backup instructions? Where is the setup page? Where is the instant upload option?

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