AOCC Framework speeds up cloud applications development to enable omnipresence of innovative services

10 years ago when wireless networks were not prevalent, desktops and laptops were the primary user-end devices.  Nowadays, because cloud services have become the new generation and mainstream computing platform as a result of readily available wireless network accessibility, a variety of innovative mobile devices are able to access and process massive data anytime and anywhere.

In this new era, effective data management and innovation are fundamental to cloud services in order to provide efficiency, low costs, and economy of scales, enabling centralized management and value-added services.  Moreover, cloud services are ever evolving and require not only technology strengths but also a strategic approach as well as accumulation of experience and knowledge.

ASUS Open Cloud Computing (AOCC) Framework — a customized open cloud framework
Facing explosive growth of cloud data and challenge of big data management issues, Hadoop tends to be considered the best solution to processing big data issue . However, an in-depth study and the practice at ASUS Cloud have found that Hadoop is more suitable to offline and batch processing and is less suitable to real-time online services.
As a result, ASUS Open Cloud Computing (AOCC) is independently developed as an open framework to enable even more partners and developers communities to better focus themselves on new applications development, freeing them from concerns with data storage and computing resource issues. The ultimate goal of the framework is to help any end user in any category effectively utilize all kinds of devices to access innovative services anytime and anywhere by seamless integration of cloud computing with wireless networking.
AOCC also addresses the issue that RDBMS (relational databases) are not designed for cloud data processing and the ensuing difficulty of locating what is needed from massive cloud data. AOCC’s approach is to combine index techniques with powerful full-text searching1 to locate what is needed simply by field searching and search condition settings.

Five important features to strengthen value-added business services
Effective data management is a cornerstone of outstanding service quality; therefore, service innovation needs to factor in five important features — Big Data, Communities and Collaboration, Mobility, Openness, and Security to effectively transform data into applications to realize omnipresent cloud computing.
ASUS Cloud does factor the five important features into its design and development to fully support the widest variety of mobile platforms. We are committed to strong branding in information security while doing the best to open, share its resources and adapt them to different collaboration environments and access controls. Moreover, in response to the emergence of big data, we has resolved many data format issues and centralized multiple data sources, providing online analysis and computing for seamless applications integration that meets users’ needs in big data in just one go, and this is also the ultimate goal of the framework.

Success cases of development of multiple applications on the open framework
On the proprietary framework of ASUS Cloud, development of many interdisciplinary applications has been successful, including ASUS MDM2 for mobile device data management; ASUS WebStorage that focuses on data backup, sharing, and synchronization; SuperNote Pro3 and MyBitCast4 for rapid note-taking; and many other apps. ASUS Cloud has opened the APIs of some of its platforms and products for partners to develop and provide even more application services to all users.

1) Full text searching is only available to enterprise private cloud subscribers to WebStorage for Team and ASUS Cloud at present.
2) ASUS MDM is only optionally available to enterprise private cloud subscribers to ASUS Cloud at present.
3) For further information about SuperNote Pro, please visit
4) For further information about MyBitCast, please visit


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  1. necesito ayuda respecto de un cargador para la “tablet transformer”,se me acaba de dañar..que puedo hacer…..

  2. I like what I read, “Store everything. Share anything.” I want to do this. I’m a older guy retired guy but I enjoy technology, I have an ASUS Prime tablet but for what every reason I cannot share everything from my host computer (lap-top) and cell phone to my ASUS tablet. The technicians at the Sprint Cell Phone Store and the techs at Best Buy, where I bought my tablet, don’t seem to be able to help me. Please help !! Cell # 717-278-0963.

    1. Dear Lowell Roth, please contact our Customer Center,the Email address is 『』,we will glad to help you solve your problem,thank you.

  3. My brother suggested I would possibly like this web site. He used to be totally right. This submit actually made my day. You can not consider just how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

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