WebStorage provides share mode renovation

The latest update of WebStorage factors in the increasing importance of sharing related to interpersonal relations and teamwork efficiency, significantly improving sharing on the Android iOS, and web interfaces to make it more flexible and richer.

● Richer use scenarios of sharing

The previous version provided two share modes, Publish Share and Collaboration, enabling link sharing  or sharing  for authorized members together edit and/or modify what is in the folders accessible to them.
The latest update now provides three share modes to enable even more different use scenarios, and there are more levels of user authorization to make sharing even more effective and flexible.

◎ Publish Share: Every member authorized for link sharing is able to see what is to be shared and there are expiration date and password setups to ensure information security.

Use scenario: Travel photos can be easily shared by uploading them to WebStorage and distributing them to others via link sharing.

◎ Co-edition:  the former Collaboration — lets members read, edit, and modify all the files, but sharing with non-members is unavailable (i.e., the so-called whitelist).

Use scenario: It is designed for confidential assignments to provide the latest files for co-editing by authorized members but sharing of such files with others is not allowed.

◎ Publishing mode:  It enables members to together edit or modify files and share files with non-members, while non-members can only read the files shared with them and cannot edit or modify such files.

Use scenario: Travel photos can be organized into a new folder to select the best photos and share them with others via link sharing.

Co-edition and Publishing Mode provides advanced settings of different levels of user authorization, including “View”, “Edit”, and “Deny”, while members can also be added or deleted.

● Notification Center to facilitate message exchanges during co-editing
Messages can be added to files and folders by using smart phones or tablets to strengthen sharing.  The Notification Center of WebStorage will  inform shared folder members of any note that has been added to ensure effective teamwork communications.

◎ Message notification: After login into WebStorage, you will see the Notification Center at the upper right corner of the page where new unread messages will be shown and highlighted in red color,  Tap the messages to read them.

◎ New message notification on Android and iOS:  WebStorage provides new message notifications on both Android and iOS.  Tap such notifications to unfold and read new messages.  In particular, the Notification Center for iOS makes finding new messages considerably easier.

● Upload optimization

In the past, when files with same names were uploaded, extensions such as 1, 2, etc. would added to the end of such file names.  With the upload optimization provided by WebStorage now, when files with same names are uploaded, they will be automatically overwritten but will not disappear, and overwritten files can be recovered from a window that displays previous versions of files.  The upload optimization facilitates co-editing significantly.

● Multiple file download for Android devices

For Android devices, WebStorage used to enable downloading one file each time, and now the updated WebStorage can select how many files to be downloaded and download them in just one go.

● Interface and side menu optimization

The update has also improved the icons on the left side of the screen; now the simplified, flat-color icons are more legible(the flat design).  Moreover, in order to bring users up to speed faster, the update has also simplified the menu on the left side of the screen to show only two categories, Space and Share, while the old interface has also incorporated the findings from a user behaviors survey and been simplified into the most frequently used Recent Changes.

Come experience for yourself the new functions of WebStorage now.
Log in to use ASUS WebStorage web service now.
Update WebStorage Android app / WebStorage iOS app

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