Function Integration and Complete Optimization of WebStorage 2.0

WebStorage used to provide PC users three different applications: Sync Agent, Backup Agent, and Suite. However, different applications choices tended to make WebStorage subscribers feel unsure of what they really need.   To address this issue and strengthen the impression of WebStorage, WebStorage 2.0 is available now.  WebStorage 2.0 is a significant modification of its predecessor, including an updated webpage for downloading, an even more vivid visual effect of major products, and detailed introduction of other products for subscribers to more easily found what they really need.

Integrating Sync Agent, Backup Agent, and Suite, WebStorage 2.0 has not only simplified what it used to offer but also completed interface optimization and backup integration with a restore function added.  Because of the significantly enhanced and even more complete service, WebStorage Sync Agent is now officially renamed as WebStorage.

  • User interface optimization

After the integration of different applications, ASUS Cloud maintains user friendliness of the interface by thinking out of the box as well as design rethinking.  Therefore, the new user interface provides tag categorization to have a better intuitive operation.
The tag categorization has four distinct categories (Info, Status, Sync, and Backup) providing access to specific information and enabling advanced settings based on personal needs.  Moreover, our findings from a user behaviors analysis have led to concealment of the functions that are not often used, such as network setup and language setting, to make the interface more concise and legible.  The concealed functions can be unfolded whenever needed.

  • Function integration and addition

Backup:  In the past, Suite must be installed to enable backup, but WebStorage 2.0 has backup integrated to provide complete backup settings including backup, computer backup management, data backup setting, data backup status, backup data restore, etc.  In the past, one or two applications must be installed in order to enjoy such features, but now WebStorage provides it in just one go.

If you have yet to activate the backup function, please activate it on the page of “Info”.  After that, you can select the data you wish to backup as demonstrated in the following diagram.

Backup data restore:  We have kept collecting our subscribers’ feedback to incorporate their opinions.  Therefore, the function of backup data restore has been added to WebStorage now.  For anyone who has more than one PC, and you can select  any PC that  you want to backup.  Likewise, if a PC has more than one hard disk, a hard disk can be selected for backup.  With WebStorage, you only have to select a restore path and, after you confirm your restore setting, the system will automatically complete the restore.  WebStorage has effectively factored in each and every restore step from the beginning to end.

Previous version restore:  WebStorage not only keeps cloud data but also automatically saves data every time after that are edited.  In the past, recovering any previous version required searching it on the web interface and then downloading it but now, with WebStorage 2.0 installed, any previous version can be recovered directly by right clicking the file to be recovered.

Selective synchronization: Nowadays people tend to have many different mobile devices and the data to be synchronized on such devices also vary under different circumstances.  In order to meet the new usage model, selective synchronization is developed for WebStorage.  On the synchronization setting menu, check the folders selected for selective synchronization, while unchecked folders will not be synchronized.

  • Updated webpage for downloading

Upon entering the new webpage for downloading on the updated website of WebStorage, you can clearly see, tell apart, and download major desktop apps for Windows, while QR code scanning is also available to your mobile devices to directly and more quickly access the latest WebStorage apps suitable for your specific devices.

Download the latest version of WebStorage

Reminder: If you have WebStorage Suite installed, please uninstall it before you download and install the latest version of WebStorage.

11 thoughts on “Function Integration and Complete Optimization of WebStorage 2.0”

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  1. Underwhelmed so far; cannot connect from my PC to the network. I repeatedly get “Network error! Please check Internet connectivity” from the brand new app even while I am logged in via Chrome to the webstorage space. That makes exactly zero sense (and renders the interface utterly useless.).

    1. Dear Harold M. Goldner, please contact our Customer Center,the Email address is “”, we will glad to help you solve your problem,thank you.

    1. Dear KW,Please contact our Customer Center,the Email address is
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