WebStorage for Team, a new product of ASUS WebStorage, takes team collaboration to an unimaginable dimension

  • For single office home office workers who need to often exchange big files, boutique law firms committed to information security, and small and medium businesses that need large storage capacity.
  • A cloud service that is cost efficient and helps save resources.

WebStorage for Team is a cloud solution customized for your organization.  We will absorb most of the cost for you to be single-mindedly to pursue success.

In April 2013, ASUS WebStorage launched this cloud solution targeting small and medium businesses, so that they do not have to hire any web administrator because anyone can rapidly learn and use the easy and intuitive interface of the solution.  WebStorage for Team has three versions: 500GB for 10 users, 2TB for 20 users, and 2.5TB for 50 users to provide greater purchase flexibility.  Please select the version suitable to you to effectively grow your business at a low cost.

There is a 21-day free trial use period.  Now, register and start with an admin account to experience what is new for your team!

Features of WebStorage for Team
– A complete, highly convenient enterprise cloud service that saves manpower, money, and time

  • Team Collaboration for Real-time Sharing

The traditional method of exchanging files using compact disks, emails, flash disks, and FTP is time-consuming because of bustling back-and-forth processing. Now, WebStorage for Team provides complete collaboration functionality to set up different collaboration folders for different collaboration members without the limit on how many members are, and annotations can also be added to collaborated documents. Moreover, the complete interfaces of WebStorage for Team, including an online interface, a PC interface, and a mobile device interface, provide easy access to all the data stored in cloud anytime and anywhere.

  • Tightest Data Security to Ensure Absolute Confidentiality

A great tradition of ASUS WebStorage is its commitment to information security. Now WebStorage for Team enables even more reliable and secure service, providing its SSL encrypted external communications layer with one time password (OTP) authentication integrated. The OTP, a dynamic authentication technology, requires a password input in every 30 seconds after login authentication to provide the financial level security. Results of virus scanning in the file layer alert users whether the files they upload are infected. Files are AES-256 encrypted before they are separately stored, and there would be no concern with information leakages even if any system administrator could obtain such encrypted files. Moreover, five checkpoints of login authentication also provide complete information protection.

  • Easy and Smart Management with Analisable Control Panel

Small and medium businesses tend to hesitate to have new cloud solutions implemented because interface setup and management of such solutions are often complicated. WebStorage for Team has a very easy interface specifically designed for IT administrators only, and the interface provides internal user account management (e.g., addition and deletion of user accounts, password changes, etc.), user space management with pie chart analysis, file-sharing control, and file early version recovery control for IT administrators to easily understand and control how the cloud solution is used.

  • Highly Effective and Real-time Editing with Native Office On The Go

Through WebStorage for Team, you can open applications that originally only run on computers! Including all the office software you are familiar with, Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint(Note1). You can edit documents, generate report files or even make animations for briefs on your tablet devices. The edited files can be saved back in the cloud for later use. You are free to work at any time, any space. This solution offers you the optimal cloud mobility.

  • Convenient Cloud Printing Service from 7-ELEVEn

WebStorage for Team provides convenient cloud printing service (Note2). No matter where you are, you may send your files to the cloud via either computer or any hand-held mobile devices to print them out from 7-ELEVEn ibon printer. The density of ibon saves you worries when you forget your documents on business trips. Just go to a 7-ELEVEn and print them out, everything is going to be cool.

You must try WebStorage for Team for yourself to experience how great it is. Please register for a trial user account now.
Understand the detailed specifications of WebStorage for Team.
Instructions on how to start to use WebStorage for Team.

How to Start Trial Use of WebStorage for Team – Registration and Initialization Setting

How to Start Trial Use of WebStorage for Team – How to Use Its Administrator Interface dashboard

1. WebStorage for Team only supports Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2010 at present.
2. Cloud printing is only available in Taiwan at present.

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