ASUS Launches Partnership with Taipei City Government to Build an Intelligent City in the Cloud

Providing ubiquitous cloud access for the city’s residents and businesses

Taipei, Taiwan (April 2, 2013) – ASUS announced today a partnership with the Taipei City Government to launch a set of cloud-based services aimed at turning Taipei into one of the smartest and most technologically advanced cities in the world. The partnership will create a platform that allows local residents and businesses to store information securely online, while conveniently sharing and synchronizing content and resources across multiple devices.

ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih and Vice Chairman Jonathan Tsang launched the collaboration with Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin, Taipei City Government Advisor to the Mayor/EASYCARD Corporation Chairman Chang Chia-sheng, and Taipei City Government Department of Information Technology Commissioner Chan Der-tsun on stage during a ceremony at Le Meridien Taipei.

“At ASUS we believe that an open and balanced architecture can provide the best, ultimate solution for today’s ubiquitous cloud computing era,” ASUS Chairman Jonney Shih said. “We are honored to work with the Taipei City Government to turn Taipei into a world leading cloud city and strengthen Taiwan’s international competitiveness.”

Providing Services to All the People Who Make Taipei Thrive

ASUS and Taipei City Government will collaborate on creating five cloud-based services – Citizen, Corporate, Education, Health, and Open Data – that will empower the general public to become savvy users of the latest mobile technologies. These services will be operated by ASUS’s popular cloud platform, which already serves more than 10 million users worldwide.

For residents, these services will provide a truly ubiquitous digital lifestyle by seamlessly integrating cloud technology into their daily lives. Local businesses can utilize the benefits of cloud storage and applications to boost their global competitiveness. In addition, these services will provide schools, hospitals, and city hall with the tools to work in the cloud.

Features of the Five Cloud Services

The five cloud-based services will have the following features:

  • Citizen Cloud enables Taipei City Government to share news and event information, thereby building a stronger relationship with its constituents. Taipei residents can use this cloud to sync the data on all of their mobile devices. Citizen Cloud is compatible with multiple devices and platforms, allowing users to access and share their information anytime, anywhere. They can also print documents stored on their cloud at any 7-ELEVEN kiosk.
  • Corporate Cloud provides a suite of programs designed to allow companies to operate more efficiently. The service includes applications to share content, print documents, and download large files by email. This cloud will also allow businesses to back up data and record audio notes. As time goes on, Corporate Cloud will add more applications to meet the needs of local businesses in an ever-changing competitive environment.
  • Education Cloud improves the quality of education by giving teachers, students, and parents a platform to share announcements, contents, and resources. This cloud will bridge digital education contents and mobile devices seamlessly.  All sorts of courses, notes, and other resources will be integrated on this open platform.
  • Health Cloud gives Taipei residents tools to record, track, and manage their health status online, while having the option to share these information with healthcare professionals to remotely monitor their health from any location at all hours of the day.
  • Open Data Cloud serves as a commitment to bring greater convenience to those who live in Taipei by the government. It is a platform where government information and data, such as public transportation schedules and traffic records, are openly provided to citizens. At the same time, citizens and businesses can use this data to develop mobile products that will foster a smarter and more connected city.

Other attending officials included Taipei City’s Commissioner of Economic Development Huang Chi-jui, Commissioner of Education Ding Ya-wen, and Commissioner of Health Lin Chi-hung, who were on hand to witness a partnership that will bring a ubiquitous cloud experience to everyone. This partnership will synergize ASUS technology and Taipei City Government service to make Taipei an international cloud city.

One thought on “ASUS Launches Partnership with Taipei City Government to Build an Intelligent City in the Cloud”

  1. It does not look like anything special. It looks like the City of Taipei and ASUS will make a lot of money.

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