Extra for Christmas – Lucky Draw to Win Google Play or iTunes Top up


You can save all your digital data in ASUS WebStorage and access them with a cell phone, laptop, or tablet anytime and anywhere, sharing anything with families, friends, or coworkers.
During the Christmas promotion period, subscription to 50 GB or 500 GB of ASUS WebStorage will be entitled to a 25% discount. Moreover, inputting your ASUS WebStorage product serial number will have your account extended for another three months, and there is also a lucky draw to select 25 winners of US$25 top up for Google Play or iTunes Store.

Promotion Details

l   Time: December 1, 2012 to January 2, 2013

l   Prize: a US$25 redeem card for ITunes Store or Android Store for each of 25 lucky draw winners

l   Area:  Canada, UK, and all Asia area

l   Lucky draw requirement: Paid subscription to 50 GB or 500 GB of ASUS WebStorage

l   Winner announcement: Winners to be announced on the Facebook and blog of ASUS WebStorage on January 4, 2013

l   How prizes will be provided: :

1.             Winners will be notified by email (i.e., their emails registered with ASUS WebStorage), and their reply to the email notice should indicate the OS they want. If iOS is desirable, they must provide their account and country information.

2.             After receiving winners’ replies, ASUS WebStorage will email them free redeem codes.

3.             Winners will be considered giving up their rights if they fail to reply the email notice to indicate what they want within one week of being notified of winning.

l   Matters of attention:

1.             The redeem code for Android can only be used in the USA at present.

2.             The redeem code for iOS is provided only to Japan, Taiwan, and  the USA.

3.             This is a random lucky draw; please reply to indicate what you want immediately after being notified.

4.             In order to protect the privacy of winners, the winner list will only disclose winners’ partial account numbers.

5.             Should the lucky draw violate any law or regulation in a given jurisdiction, relevant local laws and regulations shall first be applicable to automatically exclude subscribers in the jurisdiction from the lucky draw.

6.             ASUS WebStorage reserves the right to change, modify, and/or terminate this promotion anytime, and also has the right to make the final decision on the qualification of lucky draw participants and winners.

7.             ASUS WebStorage shall not be legally liable for promotion subscribers’ any data damage, error, illegibility, and/or loss resulting from any computer, network, telephone transmission, and/or technology issue that cannot be attributed to ASUS WebStorage, and promotion subscribers and winners shall not have any objection to such exemption.

8.             ASUS WebStorage may disqualify any subscribers and/or winner violating the matters of attention; ASUS WebStorage also reserves the right to prosecute such violators.

9.             Please act now to enjoy this exclusive year-end promotion only available in the aforementioned period.

10.           Tap here to immediately enjoy the extra for Christmas.

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27 thoughts on “Extra for Christmas – Lucky Draw to Win Google Play or iTunes Top up”

      1. From the USA Federal Trade Commission web site “Prizes in legitimate contests are awarded solely by chance, and contestants don’t have to pay a fee or buy something to enter or increase their odds of winning.”

  1. in meinen Jahren(Alt) sind Tröume anders ,gerade bei der Webung ASus und Intel -Nummer Eins InGermany(oder wae es auf der ganzen Welt) schenke ich Ihrer soo Grossem Unternehmen weitere Inputs und Gedanken für erfolgreiche Weihnachten und Geschäfte HAppy Christmass…..

      1. Works well! It is not obvious, tgohuh. Will new users know to click on the yellow bubble or time stamp?Within the thread itself, perhaps you can put the same yellow bubble next to the title of the thread to keep things consistent? Maybe a yellow bubble with a down arrow?

    1. The processor won’t break rercdos, and the media playback software is poor, falling out of sync quite quickly. But as a portable internet surfer and word processor, it is an incredibly capable machine. I’m using mine to record audio from sessions in the studio. The laptop does get quite hot and streaming video is choppy, but for the price it is truly unbeatable. Can get about 3hrs out of the battery

  2. Hope you all had a great New Year. London Olympics was fantastic and Team GB are hoping to do better in Rio 2016!

  3. I bought a black Asus EeePC 701 SD 4GB a while back as I ndeeed something very portable to take on holiday for light web browsing. The build quality is very good, and despite being very small, feels sturdy. The keys aren’t loose or flimsy. Start up is very quick thanks to running Linux, although Windows XP can be installed if desired.

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