How to use ASUS WebStorage on Windows 8

Please first download, install, and register ASUS WebStorage (Download and installation instruction).

After that, open Windows 8 Style UI to enter the green-background app page.  There are two areas on the app page, Space and Tag.  In Space, there are MySyncFolder, Back-up Data, and My Collection.  In Tag, there is Starred, where all the files starred can be found.

Slide the screen leftwards to show what is on the right side of the screen.

Recent changes can be found in Attribute, including Recent music and Recent photos.  In Share, there are My shared links, Saved share links, and Collaboration.  The aforementioned Space, Tag, Recent changes, and Collaboration are the main interfaces of ASUS WebStorage Windows 8 style UI.  Each interface is introduced as the following.
Tap Space will show the frequently used MySyncFolder.

All the files stored in cloud can be accessed from MySyncFolder.  Sliding the tablet screen upwards or downwards will show the app bar at the bottom of the screen to access the functions of Refresh, New, Upload, or New folder.  If you use a Windows 8 laptop, right-clicking the mouse will show the app bar.


Cloud note-taking keeps whatsoever occurs to you anytime when you have no paper or pen with you.

Tap Note-taking on the app bar to save what has been noted down in cloud after editing.

Snapshot is a function newly added to ASUS WebStorage for photo taking and sharing by using a Windows 8 tablet.
Tap Snapshot on the App bar to take a photo and immediately save what has been shot in cloud. Moreover, tapping New will show the Video record and Audio record icons.


Tapping Upload on the app bar will open a file path for file browsing, select those to be uploaded, and upload them directly to cloud.

Upload makes adding and uploading files in a folder easy and simple enough, and how to work on existing files is introduced as the following.

Download to (this machine)

To save any file in cloud onto a device, select a storage path and tap Save to complete saving.

First tap a file to select it by keeping pressing it while pulling it upwards or downwards, and a frame with a tick around the file will appear.  At the same time, an App bar will appear at the bottom of the screen with Download to (this machine), Delete, Rename, Add Star, and Share on the app bar.

If a mouse is used, right click the mouse for file selection.

Download to (this machine)

To save any file in cloud onto a device, select a storage path and tap Save to complete saving.


Tap OK in the confirmation box after a file to be deleted is selected to complete deletion.    Any file deleted by mistake can be recovered from the recycle bin on ASUS WebStorage Web UI.

Input a new name and tap the tick in the confirmation box to complete renaming.

Share Function Introduction

Share provides there modes: Unshared, Public sharing, and Collaboration

Unshared, as its name indicates, means sharing has yet to start or the function is shut off.

Public sharing enableseasy sharing of cloud data with others.

Tap and press Share links to directly copy a link and share it with others via common communications tools

Password setting

If what is to be shared is time-sensitive, e.g., a quotation, setting up a deadline for such sharing will save the trouble of management, i.e., the download link for sharing will automatically be shut off after the deadline.

The cloud icon at the bottom provides access to shared codes, and the envelop icon can open your default mail account to send shared links.

Collaboration (beta)

The objects that Collaboration can share are limited and sharing is also limited to other four people.  You can always adjust the space of Collaboration to shared with others and your maximum space is 500 MB (the space shared others will be deduced from your total space).  Members of Collaboration have the equal right to add, delete, download, and rename data in the folder.


  1. Set a folder as Collaboration.
  2. Invite your friends who have ASUS WebStorage ID to Collaboration.  Recommend ASUS WebStorage to anyone who does not have it.
  3. Begin to use Collaboration (others can find the information shared by you in Collaboration)

Note:  If you close the Collaboration folder, Collaboration will be inaccessible,


WebStorage IDs are required for joining Collaboration to become Collaborators, and you may add or delete Collaborators.

*ASUS WebStorage reserves the right to change what is offered as aforementioned.

The built-in Search tool can rapidly find desirable files.

  1. Slide the screen from right to left, show Setting charm, and tap the magnifier icon to show the Search interface.
  2. Input keywords in the search box and the screen will show search results including total finds and categorized into all as well as document, folder, music, photo, video, and other formats.

Note:  Remember to tap ASUS WebStorage to define the scope of search.

Account Information

Setting Charm provides the status of your space being used as well as your account information.

  1. Tap the gear wheel icon in Setting Charm to go to the page of Setup.
  2. Tap Account Information to show the page of your account information, total space, space used, and account expiration date.  Here you can also log out of your account.

ASUS WebStorage also supports the very convenient Snap View (a.k.a. picture in picture), which cuts a screen in two to have an app needed fixed to either side. In the meantime, user can concurrently run another app in the other side without switching between two screens running two apps..

Note: Snap View requires resolution higher than 1366 x 768.

If you do not have an ASUS WebStorage account, please come register on

13 thoughts on “How to use ASUS WebStorage on Windows 8”

  1. This is a great first step, and I am looking desperately to the Windows 8 version of the full suite. Using the sync folder is one part, having my important files backed up on the webstorage cloud automatically is another (more important) step (for me). When will this be realized? What are your plans? Have a good season break and enjoy the wonderful days.

    1. Hello,Dirk
      Thank you for your suggestions,
      Suggestions will be transferred to the product development department, as a basis for future development.
      Happy new year.

  2. All seems to work great now.

    Any news on when the AiCloud Lite app will be released for windows 8?

      1. Hi,

        Thanks for your reply, but unfortunately there is no mention of windows 8 / phone on the website you have referred me to…

        do you know if this is something being worked within asus? or is it out of scope?



      2. Dear Sahan :

        Because it is another department to take charge for this plan,we are sorry that cant give u any info. about the plan (cause we dont know very well about that)

        but i find u two website that if there are the latest news , you can easily find there^^

        one is the website i gave u before,the other is :

        and thanks for your support for Asus^^

      3. We are so glad your students are enoynijg the app. And ironically, the first version of the app had a really neat flash effect that we had to temporarily disable due to a bug in the current version of the SDK we are using (that makes it compatible with iPad 3). We plan to put it back in as soon as we can especially now that we know it is a feature people want. @Sharon- What a great lesson plan using the app! So very cool!

  3. Hey guys – have been a loyal WebStorage user for a couple of years now. Any news on when full backup will be available for Windows 8? I’m days away from adopting Carbonite or someone else… and I really DON’T want to maintain different solutions for different machines….

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