ASUS WebStorage-enabled easy and seamless upgrade to Windows 8

On October 26, 2012, Microsoft announced its Windows 8 across tablet and PC interfaces.  The new operating system, because of its Desktop Style UI and Windows 8 Style UI, features rather different interfacing and usage.

New operating systems launched in every several years always require different hardware specs and incur cumbersome migration to new computers because exiting data need to be copied onto separate hard disc drives and then copied onto new computers; repeated copying for several times is consuming enough.

ASUS WebStorage now resolves the hassle of repeated copying accompanied with a long wait, enabling easy and seamless upgrade to Windows 8.  

Familiar desktop experience that facilitates upgrade

The Windows 8 desktop interface would look familiar to anyone who has the experience in using Windows 7, but there are some differences between the two operating systems.  The biggest difference of Windows 8 is its lack of a start icon on the taskbar, but ASUS WebStorage can still be activated by clicking on its desktop shortcut.  To do so, ASUS WebStorage Sync Agent Windows 8 should be downloaded first.

easy upgrade to Windows 8

easy upgrade to Windows 8

After downloading, an installation wizard similar to Windows 7 installation will appear.

easy upgrade to Windows 8

After installation is completed, input your ASUS WebStorage account, WebStorage ID (email), and password to start to use ASUS WebStorage.

easy upgrade to Windows 8

All the files in ASUS WebStorage will be automatically downloaded onto the computer running Windows 8. When Windows 8 MySyncFolder is opened, all the data in ASUS WebStorage will be automatically synchronized onto the new computer to easily access the data used daily, doing without the cumbersome procedures otherwise required.  ASUS WebStorage provides the easiest and most seamless way of transferring data onto new computers.

User experience innovated by dynamic tiles of Windows 8 Style UI

The Windows 8 Style UI is the greatest feature, whose dynamic tiles revolutionize the traditional interface of Windows to provide a brand new experience of tablet touch control, and now ASUS WebStorage provides apps exclusively for Windows 8 Style UI based on its successful experience in Windows Phone 7.  Such apps significantly enhance the touch control experience provided by Windows 8, as ASUS WebStorage passed the verification by a Windows Store App program held by Microsoft in June 2012.

Download ASUS WebStorage App exclusively for Windows 8 Style UI

Windows 8 無痛升級

On the Windows 8 Style UI, click on Store to enter.

easy upgrade to Windows 8

There are 21 Store categories as the following: Spotlight, Games, Social, Entertainment, Photo, Music & Video, Sports, Books & Reference, News & Weather, Health & Fitness, Food & Dining, Lifestyle, Shopping, Travel, Finance, Productivity, Tools, Security, Business, Education, and Government. Click on the category of Productivity.

easy upgrade to Windows 8

In the category of Productivity, click on ASUS WebStorage.

easy upgrade to Windows 8

Click on Install to start to download ASUS WebStorage App.

easy upgrade to Windows 8

Four categories — Space, Tag, Attribute, and Share — will appear after installation is completed and logging onto your ASUS WebStorage for you to start to use your cloud space.

ASUS WebStorage helps you easily move business data as well as valuable photos and music collections from your existing computer to any new device.  ASUS WebStorage means more possibilities for the era of cloud computing, a different way of system recovery, as well as even more wonderful cloud apps for mobile devices in the future.

MyBitCast support for Windows 8!

MyBitCast is a Memo application with a simple and intuitive design. Opening MyBitCast on a mobile device will allow you take notes, take pictures,and record message instantly . All notes are immediately uploaded to the cloud.
You can easily access them anywhere through the Web.Install WebStorage Sync for Windows,download the MyBitCast Gadget,and you will be able to synchronize your notes from mobile devices with your PC. MyBitCast allows you to recall any thought,anytime,anywhere.

If you do not have an ASUS WebStorage account, please come register on

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13 thoughts on “ASUS WebStorage-enabled easy and seamless upgrade to Windows 8”

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  1. Is there an advantage to save files on Asus Web Storage before I install Windows 8 pro on my current HP Pavillion (1.6 mega hertz memory)? I have been using Windows XP in the past several years. Your email appears to refer to situations when one is moving from Windows 7 to Windows 8 which is not my case.

    1. Not really sure that if a computer that is several years old (that is currently running windows xp) can actually run windows 8. Windows 8 system requirements are somewhat restrictive (specially in amount of RAM and graphics card). Check your system specifications and compare them to the windows 8 requirements, because even newer computers running windows vista or windows 7, won’t be supporting windows 8.

  2. I’ve tried the windows 8 version and aside from appearance is not very functional, because a multiple selection of files can do to download them at the same time and I think that they should implement in the tool of backup that can download the files we’ve uploaded, in the same way in the background and automatically that we have copies of extensive security us is very expensive downward all sections of less than 500 mb, because in my case I have copies photo I have folders that come to contain up to 5 gb and as it happened to me today I’ve lost lots of data to retrieve me is costing many days and my work time because it constantly gives file access failures halfway through downloading, it would be a great help that work could be done as it is to upload the files to the backup in the cloud.

    translated from Spanish to English with google.

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