Far EasTone, AsusTek team up on cloud tech

Far EasTone and AsusTek, respectively a major telecom operator and hardware manufacturer, yesterday announced a partnership focusing on cloud computing.

The announcement was made by Douglas Hsu, chairman of Far EasTone, and Jonney Shih, chairman of AsusTek, in a ceremony yesterday. The collaboration follows a similar deal reached between Chunghwa telecom and Quanta Computer.

“AsusTek is already strong in hardware manufacturing and has also accumulated expertise in software and cloud storage,” said Hsu of Far EasTone, “allowing it to achieve powerful integrative capability and get support from clients from all over the world. In the future, the two of us will work tirelessly to achieve success in cloud computing in Taiwan, and replicate this success in other parts of the world.”

“AsusTek is currently working on seamless cloud applications to benefit enterprise and individual customers alike,” said Shih. “What other partner can we find than Far EasTone, which has a strong and sprawling customer base. At a time, when almost everyone has a smart device, they will sooner or later access the cloud, whether they use a smart phone or tablet.” The partnership was announced at a time when the cloud computing industry is set to reach US$42 billion by 2014, growing at a pace five times that traditional information technology, according to research by the Institute for Information Industry. Another research by Gartner said that by 2016, a third of all digital content will be stored in the cloud.

News Source:The China Post 

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