ASUS WebStorage is all ready for Windows 8!

Developers throughout Taiwan are invited to join Windows 8 app development

The launch of Windows 8 has long been awaited, while Windows Store — which is very topical among developers around the world — now accepts uploading of apps.  At the same time, Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation can be downloaded from MSDN for a 90-day trial in order to help develop and test the apps for the Windows 8 final release.

Developers throughout Taiwan compete for Windows 8 app business opportunities

The apps uploaded and qualified will have the opportunity to be downloaded in 231 markets of Windows 8 around the world on the launch day of the new operating system.  This would help create popularity and strengthen profitability for such apps.  Optimistic of the business opportunities created by Windows 8, many highly rated apps such as KKBOX (online music service), MagV (e-book software),  Dr.eye (e-dictionary), TuMetro (e-news reader), YouCam (webcam software), (online mahjong), and ASUS WebStorage (Cloud Service) have successfully developed their apps for Windows 8, and their apps are expected to become popular on Windows Store.  Now, developers throughout Taiwan are invited to compete for the business opportunities resulting from the global launch of Windows 8.

Windows 8 features an integrated user experience that is complete and cross devices, while Windows 8 apps are concurrently available to desktops, laptops, and tablet devices.  Therefore, users of Windows 8 apps are expected to increase significantly as soon as such apps are available.  Moreover, familiar programming languages that suffice for developing Windows 8 apps sharply shorten the time required for development, while developers will enjoy a brand new digital commerce model created by Windows Store.

In order to help local developers maximize their product exposure, Microsoft Taiwan provides marketing matchmaking that enables cooperation between outstanding developers and hardware heavyweights for these developers to grow their business and strengthen profitability.

Come join Windows 8 app developers now

Windows 8 has three strengths that are very attractive to developers.  Windows 8 provides not only powerful development tools to help developers use the programming language that they are familiar with but also strong Chinese language support that enhances development efficiency as well as its brand new digital commerce model to create great profitability for developers.

Ease in development:  The technology threshold for developing of Windows 8 apps is low; mastery of html, Java script, C++, and/or C# will be able to develop Windows 8 apps, doing without the time and cost for learning any new development tool.

 Time saving:  In order to help Taiwan developers promptly complete app development and have a head start in offering their apps, Microsoft Taiwan has established a Windows Store App Excellence Lab that provides free counsel.  Microsoft experts provide counsel on whether any app is qualified for availability on Windows Store, development issues, processes for app offering, and the status on any app being reviewed and approved in order to effectively accelerate the review and availability of apps.  From now on through September 30, registration with the lab program is provided in four phases.  For more details, please visit

 Great business opportunities:  Windows Store amounts to a brand new digital commerce model that enables consumers to use apps to directly order physical products to do without additional linking to any company web pages offering products and/or services.  On the other hand, the companies offering their products and/or services will be able to use the payment systems that they are familiar with to save the cost and time of new system implementation.  Windows Store’s new model of embedded app advertising will also become a brand new marketing income source for the providers of free information platforms.

Please download Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation for a 90-day trial at

For more details about Windows 8, please visit http//

2 thoughts on “ASUS WebStorage is all ready for Windows 8!”

    1. Bonjour gori, c’est mens “ASUS WebStorage devance ses concurrents avec le lancement de la première appliction pour Windows 8″, and you can download ASUS WebStorage from Windows 8 market now!

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