Try MyBitCast, ASUS WebStorage and receive 1GB free storage

[ Download and Win Extra Bonus ]

Download MyBitCast for Android to receive an extra 1GB space upgrade for FREE!  You will also be eligible to enter a 50GB(1year)  lottery when a new memo is added from MyBitCast.(Promotion Period:June 6th, 2012 to July 9th, 2012)

As you become older, you gradually have more responsibilities and expectations from work, family and friends. You always seem to have endless things on your mind that you fail to remember them simply because your brain does not have the capacity to store all the little details. For this reason, you resort to using post-it on your monitor, refrigerator and walls in hopes to resolve this issue; however, you still tend to forget things from time to time not to mention trying to find the one you are looking for in midst of all the other post-it is like trying to find a needle in the middle of an ocean.

What you really need is an app that provides easy memo taking as well as a convenient reminder system.
MyBitCast is designed to help you remember even the smallest thing in your life!

MyBitCast have text based memo taking, picture taking as well as audio recording function for just about any occasions. The two most important characteristics about MyBitCast are extremely easy to pick up and start using as well as instant upload to WebStorage. MyBitCast promises to help you accomplish the most in the shortest amount of time.

With MyBitCast Windows 7 desktop widget, all your memos are synced to your computer automatically allowing for immediate access when you return, so you’ll never miss a thing in your life. MyBitCast not only increases work productivity and life quality but it is just like your personal digital secretary that follows you wherever you go.

We simply cannot express just how excited we are with the release with MyBitCast that we must share this with all our beloved ASUS WebStorage users so they can find out for themselves on just what make MyBitCast so exciting. From June 6th to July 9th, ASUS WebStorage users who download and login to MyBitCast will automatically receive 1GB free storage. What are you waiting for? Come join us for this exciting event yourself!

  • Promotion Period: June 6th, 2012 to July 9th, 2012
  • Prizes: Free ASUS WebStorage 1GB upgrade (500GB plus and unlimited account users will be given 10 extra day for redemption)
  • Eligibility: During the promotion period, visit Google Play and download MyBitCast App and login to be eligible for the free 1GB storage upgrade.
  • Award Acceptance: Eligible accounts will automatically receive 1GB storage upgrade on July 16th, 2012.
  • Note:
  1. MyBitCast is only compatible with Android and Windows 7 operating system.
  2. For current users, account must be valid before July 30th to be eligible for this promotion.
  3. Promotion organizers reserve the right to terminate, modify or change the promotion anytime and have the final decision on participant’s eligibility for the prizes.
  4. ASUS will not be responsible for the loss of contestants’ information caused by computer, internet, phone, or other forms of malfunctions.
  5. If any of the above policies have been violated, ASUS holds the right to cancel contestant’s eligibility as well as pursue in any legal matters.

※ Please visit ASUS Cloud Official Sitefor the latest updates on MyBitCast
※ Please click here for detailed tutorial on how to use MyBitCast

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12 thoughts on “Try MyBitCast, ASUS WebStorage and receive 1GB free storage”

  1. Thanks for the nice application!

    It would be so nice if you could also provide a MyBitCast Widget on Android so that I could see the sticky notes on my Asus TF300 desktop.

  2. Dear Everyone

    Users downloaded and signed in to MyBitCast between June 6th and June 20th(GTM+8), your Webstorage space had received an additional 1GB FREE storage!!!

    Note: Download and sign in to MyBitCast on June 21th to July 9th will receive an additional 1GB FREE storage on July 16th(GTM+8).

    1. Well i did what you say – and this doesnt work for me. I install android app, log in, and storage space remains the same.

      1. Hi Sling,
        We have two separated time to upgrade users who downloaded MyBitCast, users did entered from 6th June to 20nd June had been adjusted on 22nd June; users entered after 21st June to 9th Julywill be adjust on the 16th July.

  3. Good Afternoon,

    I have an account with ASUS as you can see in the info below.

    We are users of MacBookPro-Apple.

    I see that ASUS and PC’s file can be synchronized as a sort of type ‘time machine’ using your App. I was wondering if there is one that works with Mac and how. Where can I get it? As far as I understand because I’m using Mac, I have to do my backup manually, which is very inconvenient.

    I hope to hear from you soon.


    1. Dear Can :

      Thanks for your support for ASUS WebStorage.

      And you have to aplly 50GB space with your app which is on your PadFone 2.

      After trying to aplly 50GB space this way,if you still cant get 50GB space,

      you can solve this problem with our customer service

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