Notification regarding the removal of WebStorage Suite Calendar and Bookmark Syncer

We believe that by focusing on the core function will bring users greater experience. As a result, we will be focusing all our resource on achieving this and will start to gradually minimize the usage and eventually the removal of functions such as the Calendar and BookmarkSyncer.

In the near future, Calendar and BoomarkSyncer functions will be removed from WebStorage Suite (Advanced version). If you have been using both Calendar and BookmarkSyncer, please take a look at the below tutorial on how to transfer all your data to another program in order to ensure an uninterrupted usage and data safety.

Calendar Function

ASUS WebStorae Calendar
ASUS WebStorae Calendar

Open Calendar, select “File” on the top right corner and click on “Export” to start exporting all Calendar data.

We recommend using either Microsoft Office Outlook or Google Calendar to import all your Calendar data.

BookmarkSyncer Function

IE(Internet Explorer) Browser

You can use Windows Live Essential to sync your IE favorites. After the download and installation process has completed, you may login with your Live ID and start syncing your favorites. As long as you have Windows Live Essentials installed, you will be able to sync all your favorites on other computers as well.

Windows Live Essentials
Windows Live Essentials

Firefox Browser

You may use Firefox sync function (Visit Firefox tutorial) to start syncing all your Firefox bookmarks.

Firefox Bookmark Sync

Google Chrome Browser

You may also use the included sync function on Chrome (Visit Chrome tutorial) by logging in with your Google account and start syncing all your bookmarks on Chrome. In the future, you may sync all your Chrome bookmarks on any computer by logging into your Google account and using Chrome as the browser.

Google Chrome
Google Chrome

4 thoughts on “Notification regarding the removal of WebStorage Suite Calendar and Bookmark Syncer”

    1. that only those preached so paeltticalhy on the iPhone side who never ever had really used a wm-phone. Thing is, it\’s closed, but it\’s fairly easy to develop for it (sdk and emulator is available for free and it\’s no rocket science to get used to it all), and there are so many apps for wm-based phones that numbers can\’t describe. And there are very many decent, pretty and even posh-looking phones with wm on them, which means one has quite a broad choice possibility. That said, I am looking forward to having an Android-based phone, but from what I see currently, I\’d rather wait for a G2 (or whichever name will the next iteration be called). untlil then I stay with wm.

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