Newly Updated Web Interface

Let us take a look at which frequently used functions have been updated for ASUS WebStorage Web interface.

How do you manage the large amount of files shared by friends?
Under the sharing page, we have added a new feature where files are now displayed as thumbnails allowing users the ability to quickly find the desired file and view its entirety by clicking on the file. When your friends update their sharing folders, you can easily browse through and select the files of your choosing without having to download the entire content of the folder.

In addition to ZOHO, ASUS WebStorage now offers users a new way to browse through important documents with Google Docs Browser. Our beloved users who are familiar with Google Apps should feel right at home with this new feature.

With a closer observation, you will notice ASUS WebStorage has made a few changes to the Web interface. Changes include re-designed UI, increase in loading speed when viewing pictures and videos, and increase in overall browsing performance with mobile devices (iPad,EeePad).

All the ASUS WebStorage Web improvements are made possible with the implementation of HTML5 into our technology, allowing for an increase in browsing speed as well as improved functionality.

Log in your ASUS WebStorage today and experience it yourself!

Register Now ! ASUS WebStorage

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