Your digital synchronization life starts with ASUS WebStorage Sync for Mac

In the focus of making ASUS WebStorage widely available through platforms and breakthrough the data synchronization limitation between devices, we are delightful to announce that the WebStorage Sync for Mac. With this Mac version, you will be able to enjoy the cloud synchronization between your Mac computer, iPad, and iPhone with ease.

We further strengthen your Mac devices’ synchronization ability by supporting the latest OSX Lion so that you can enjoy the benefits of data synchronization on all your devices seamlessly. It doesn’t matter if it is photos, movies, documents or any other types of files; you can sync them all between your devices. Furthermore, WebStorage Sync runs in the background without intervene with your tasks.

The All new WebStorage Sync has simple and easy to use user interface with straightforward controls and notification. Here are some examples on what WebStorage Sync can be handy in your daily life.

  • Share your real-time road trip pictures with friends all in a snap.
  • Continue on your latest work files at home without the need of transferring the files using storage devices.
  • Encrypt the confidential files with password before sending to colleagues.

ASUS WebStorage not only brings you the convenience of the cloud synchronization, but also the protective security so that you can always stay synced with your digital files with ease. Once you have experienced the convenience of ASUS WebStorage Mac; you will find that your complex digital life has just gotten simplified.

Download ASUS WebStorage Mac and start your new digital life with ease!

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