ASUS WebStorage lets you share files with ease

Share with faraway friends

As the world becomes one place, we often find our friends, families, or colleagues travel more frequently for both work and pleasure. When we are scattered from place to place, it has increase the difficulty on file sharing.

Of course, you can share files via emails, messengers, USBs, or CDs, but the common problems of these share methods are time consuming and troublesome to use when you need to share files with someone who is faraway. However, when you share the files via ASUS WebStorage, all you need to do is to upload the files and send the share link(s) to recipients. This allows recipients to download the files whenever they want. It is as simple as that!

Share file with any size, any format

There are so many different types of file formats out there at this modern communication world. Chances are, the sharing tool that you use may not support all the formats and is limited with file size. Why bother to keep on switching the sharing tools to meet your needs when you can share any file format without size limitation by only using ASUS WebStorage? So, save yourself some trouble and start enjoy simplicity of ASUS WebStorage Sharing.

Virus Scan & password protected

When we talk about the threats against sharing, the first thing comes to your mind probably is the security issue. To make the matters worse, most of the traditional share methods (USB, CD, and etc.) do not provide any type of security measures.

This is exactly the reason why you should share files via ASUS WebStorage. For each share link that you generated, you can put a password to it so that only the designated recipient can retrieve the shared file. And, it doesn’t stop here. For each and every file that comes in and goes out are scanned with our state-of-the-art antivirus program to ensure your files stay virus free!

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