Update release on ASUS WebStorage Desktop Client v3.0.86

If you have file syncing experience with AWS service with our earlier version, you might have find that is was some conflict between local file and exist file on the cloud (under the condition of same file name and structure).

Regarding to the issue highlighted, we strongly recommend you update with latest 3.0.86 version!

Along with this release, AWS service has disable MySyncFolder directory to be set as backed-up rule, to avoid “tragedies” happen. Moreover with few small bugs fixed.


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2 thoughts on “Update release on ASUS WebStorage Desktop Client v3.0.86”

  1. Sync is a great idea, and is exactly why I love golgoe for ideas like this. I, However am experiencing contact problems as well.This is what I’ve found out (and this is OS 4.5 btw)Starting with a clean, no entries address book and syncing with sync DOES sync all golgoe contacts. HOWEVER, some contacts are synced correctly (searchable) and others are not (only come up by searching by last name). After multiple replications, this was the same result. As a mac user, I don’t have native access to the blackberry desktop app. I do however have Plaxo access. So what I ended up doing was running a Plaxo sync on the mac address book, then in VMWare Fusion, running plaxo sync on outlook express then using the Desktop manager to sync contacts. ALL of the contacts synced properly and ALL are searchable. When I applied golgoe sync on top of that, it doubled my entries. I went from 193 to 380 something. Until they get this contact thing sorted, I’m just going to keep using plaxo and syncing with the official BB desktop sync. But a GREAT idea — keep it up! squash the bug!–Jeff

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