ASUS WebStorage One Time Password (OTP) Authentication provide double protection for your online data

Are you often worried about the security of your user ID and password when accessing internet in the public? Are you worried about hackers stealing your user ID and password because your computer has been infected by the deadly Trojan virus?

In order to enhance data protection for subscribers, ASUS WebStorage launches ASUS WebStorage One Time Password Authentication (ASUS WebStorage OTP Authentication) to provide users with advanced online security protection. By adding a dynamic security code to the original user password, ASUS WebStorage OTP Authentication provides double protection for all personal data stored in the cloud service. This allows ASUS WebStroage subscribers access to their account anywhere on the go without the risk of exposing their personal data to hackers.

In order to protect your data with higher security level we are now open limited interface at the moment, the desktop client and Web navigate, for this service. By doing this we ought to insure the dynamic security code is generated apart from the original user interfaces. We will be ready with the mobile clients and other ASUS WebStorage clients in the very near future.

To find out more about ASUS WebStorage OTP Authentication visit our site ; or if you are already an ASUS WebStorage paid user you may also manage OTP credential ID through Customer Center.

ASUS WebStorage OTP Authentication utilizes the latest identification and authentication service by internationally renowned security authentication provider, VeriSign. Subscribers can enjoy advanced security protection by simply activating ASUS WebStroage OTP Authentication on their mobile phones.
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