Your personal cloud stereo, MEar gives you non-stop music enjoyment!

MEar is the cloud music service provided by ASUS WebStorage. MEar can let your music files saved in the cloud, and no matter where you are, you can access your favorite songs you’ve uploaded on MEar. With MEar, you enjoy the music anywhere and anytime.

The special features about MEar:

Carry with you all the music titles that you have listened

All the titles played by MEar will be automatically saved in your cloud to do without any transmission to your cell phone or PC. Considerable hardware space and transmission time are therefore saved, while music is readily available when MEar is activated.

Easily manage music files

Do you have to rebuild your playlist when switching to different platforms? With MEar, whenever you edit your playlist, the edited playlist will be automatically applied by MEar to various platforms to save the time that would otherwise be required for repeated editing. Moreover, your music will be automatically saved in cloud for you to easily and effectively manage your music files. Even if there are 10,000 titles in your MEar, you will promptly find desirable titles by typing in keywords.

Share your favorite music titles on Facebook

If you want friends on Facebook to enjoy your favorite music titles, you can directly click on the Facebook icon by those music titles to share those music titles as well as how you feel about them

Offline listening

Even when there is no Internet access to MEar for you to listen to your favorite music titles, MEar on the Android cell phone interface enables offline listening. Set your playlist on offline mode beforehand and it lets you enjoy your favorite music titles when there is no Internet access.

Enjoy non-stop music

In the past if you changed your music playing device, for example, from your desktop to your laptop or from your laptop to your Android phone, you would not be able to resume playing from the title last stopped. Now MEar will play from the title last stopped to provide continuous music enjoyment.

Provide music across platforms

Listen to your music saved by MEar in cloud across platforms, which include desktop, web, and Android phone version.

Now, download MEar and enjoy your music anywhere anytime!

Register and Download MEar before January 15th, 2011 and you will get FREE 5GB storage good for 1 year. (Store up to 1,000 MP3).Download Now>

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