Now available on App Store: iPhone, iPod, iPad compatible

A great new to share to y’all .. our service is now available on App Store!

We turn iPhone, iPod and iPad into an extension on-to-go storage, makes your mobile life complete. From text note taking, photo capturing, video recording, voice recording and uploading photos from Camera roll, anything you can think of, put it on ASUS WebStorage then access anytime and watch it instant synchronize from your iPhone, iPod, iPad, computer, or from the web.

Key features on iPhone:

  • Create text, photo, film, and audio note
  • Accessing files stored in MyCollection, MySyncFolder, Backed up file
  • Online music playing by the streaming technology
  • To select file name or full text search
  • Saved search result
  • Search by giving relative information saved in metadata
  • View Microsoft Office documents, Hyper Text Markup language, PDF, OpenDocument formats and more in text with transcoding technology

Of course, you must’ve known this application is best work when used together with our free downloadable desktop Client and web app. Enjoy~!

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3 thoughts on “Now available on App Store: iPhone, iPod, iPad compatible”

    1. Hi Dear,

      Thanks for your supporting and there is a good news, ASUS WebStorage also provides the version for iPad and iPod Touch as well. It can be found in App Store. Hope you will enjoy it.

      ASUS WebStorage Team

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