[Notice!]Download latest version to avoid error message

Dearest friends,

Recently, our Customer Support Team received numerous cases regarding to issue of “This Folder is read only” message when drag and drop folders/files on previous Client versions (exact version is still under verifying)

These cases are solved when users downloaded our latest ASUS WebStorage Client for Windows (version

Thank to you, our dearest friends for letting us know the incipient fault, so we could alert others at our soonest time!

best regards,
ASUS WebStorage Product Team

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2 thoughts on “[Notice!]Download latest version to avoid error message”

  1. why is the webstorage update icon constantly on in the bottom of the screen – wasti g valuable time pissing about trying to get rid of it. it’s my wifes asus and i’d considered buying one myself – this is no helping the cause!!!! how do I get rid of it – there is no close icon, no link to update or say no update. HOW HOW HOW

    1. Thank you for your letter. We feel regret to let you understand that the pop-up reminder can only be disappeared after the user set or update the program/service.

      If you do not have the need to use our service (ASUS WebStorage) now, you could uninstall the WebStorage program via Windows control panel. (As uninstall other softwares)
      (WebStorage features https://www.asuswebstorage.com/navigate/features/)

      If you wish to use WebStorage, please confirm you are using the latest version app: https://www.asuswebstorage.com/navigate/downloads/
      And confirm your account is not expired!

      The single file upload limitation for free accouts are 500MB.
      Please kindly remove the bigger files out of the path of MySyncFolder to avoid the message.
      (The system’s default path for MySyncFolder is C:\ASUS WEBSTORAGE\Your user ID/ or directly click on WebStorage icon)

      You could also upgrade the limitation to 10GB with present plans at https://store.asuswebstorage.com/personal/?vc=W110

      If above info cannot solve your issue, please kindly email to contact@asuswebstorage.com and provide us the screenshot of pop up

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