How to optimize internet settings in ASUS WebStorage 2.2?

The brand new ASUS WebStorage 2.2 has launched! This is a major revision for ASUS WebStorage. Together with a more interactive UI, we also add many thoughtful features, which is especially designed for the pros and office works. Today, we’re going to introduce one of the widely praised features — “network settings”. This feature is especially practical for users who want to run several tasks at the same time, or whose enterprise firewall would block ASUS WebStorage. Now, follow our tips to create the “optimize settings”!

A. Select “Settings” in ASUS WebStorage

After turning on your computer, you can find “ASUS WebStorage” on the bottom-right of your desktop in the notification area, and then right-click on it to open the “Settings”.

B. The “Network Settings”

Then you’ll see a small pop-up window shown as the above blue diagram. You can adjust the content of “network settings” according to your needs.

The content of “network settings” include settings of bandwidth and Proxy. Many users have complained that their internet transmission became extremely slow when opening web pages containing rich Javascript or playing online games, if they were using ASUS WebStorage (e.g. backup, upload files) at the same time. Now, this problem can be solved by the upgraded feature of “bandwidth settings” in ASUS WebStorage 2.2. Only select “low-speed mode” in the Bandwidth Control, ASUS WebStorage will use minimum bandwidth for file transmission. So, you won’t feel any inconvenience caused by the slow web pages.

To serve users who are unable to use ASUS WebStorage 2.2 due to firewall, internet blocking, or IP restriction, Proxy feature is now available. Simply check the box of “set up a proxy to connect to the network”, and then key in the Proxy Server IP, your account name, password, and the port number.

Want to experience the thoughtful feature of network settings? Now, Download the latest ASUS WebStorage 2.2 and try it out!

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10 thoughts on “How to optimize internet settings in ASUS WebStorage 2.2?”

  1. Asus WebStorage — The facts:

    1. Adds little annoying green and brown squares around all your icons making them harder to see them.

    2. Creates lots of hidden files and directories that if you have “Show Hidden files” clutters your folders

    3. It refreshes constantly the directories so if you want to rename a file you have about 3-4 seconds! As the folder is constantly refreshed the order of the files is constantly changing.

    Brilliant idea but does not work yet. Backup should be transparent to the user and Asus WebStorage is not. Shame because that puts me off from buying the EEE PC….

    1. Hi Andy,
      In respond to your concerns, the following is the replies from our Product Development Div. Director.

      1. The purpose of the status indicator is to help user to be aware of the files backup status. For that reason, it is placed on each backed up files or folders. Through your value opinion, we understand the reading difficulty it adds to using experience. An alternative solution is being implemented.

      2. We recognized this problem; it is being modify as we write to you.It should be ready in future release.

      3. Generally speaking, this kind of problem will not occur. However, working with multiple tasks related to ASUS WebStorage while having poor internet connection at could be the cause. Such delay is normal when internet connection is unstable.

      We understand your concerns and generously appreciated such feedbacks. It is value customers like you to help us improve our products and services.

      ASUS WebStorage Team

      1. I have noticed the same problem (rapid directory refresh causing screen to jump, scroll bar to reset every 4 to 7 seconds). I am using FIOS connected via wireless with a fairly high bandwidth available to the pc. So low rate/unstable connection does not seem to be the problem. I have “fixed” the problem by setting network setting to minimum bandwidth but this slows backup by a factor of 10.

  2. Hi,

    I’ve been using webstorage for quite some time now, and I’ve a very large number of small files backed up.
    I really like the service and the idea but there are a few cons.

    I noticed that the core (bulk) process never stop scanning the backup directory and updating the log file even if the automatic backup and sync are disables. Of course on laptop this causes the hard drive to be constantly on and drains the battery quicker.
    It would be nice if there was an option to completely stop the bulk process if desired.

    Also, the amount of information written on the awsservice.log files for each file scanned by the bulk process is quite big. I already modified the configuration file so that only 1 file is kept. It would be nice to have a section of the gui to decide the format of the log files and if any log is wanted at all. Again, writing logs causes the harddrive to stay on draining batteries.

    Another point is the CPU consumption. It’s still pretty large.

    I believe that all of these issue could be resolved if it was possible to have an option to set the status of the entire webstorage to idle.
    I understand that this would somehow work against the idea of a transparent backup and sync working in the background but, so far, the resources used by the running process are still quite large.
    Right now I’m forced to kill all the processes from the task manager to then restart them when I’ve new data to backup.

    Maybe this is a problem only affecting people that have thousands of little file as I do, but nevertheless an issue.


    1. Dear Andrea,

      Thank you for taking your valuable time to share constructive suggestion with us. Our Product Manager has acknowledged the situation and is currently evaluating modification possibility. When approved, the modification will be incorporated with next software release.

      Once again, we are appreciated your suggestion.

      ASUS WebStorage Team

  3. leider weiß ich jetzt nicht mehr, ob ich mich bei Ihnen schon richtig angemeldet habe!
    Und außerdem verstehe ich leider nicht ein einziges Wort englisch
    können Sie mir da bitte weiterhelfen

      1. Hi~

        Wenn Sie ASUS WebStorage erfolgreich installiert haben, sollten Sie bereits eine Begrüßungs-eMail von ASUS WebStorage erhalten haben. Diese eMail enthält Ihren Kontonamen und das zugehörige Kennwort. Falls Sie die Begrüßungs-eMail nicht erhalten haben, melden Sie sich bitte noch einmal bei an.

        Dieses Blog ist derzeit nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar; daher können wir derzeit noch keine Inhalte in anderen Sprachen anbieten. Wir entschuldigen uns herzlich für eventuelle Unannehmlichkeiten.

        ASUS WebStorage Team

      2. Hi, as i can see you are using windows vista. Can you tell me how do you get Desktop cube wnkirog on vista and which dock are you using? It looks great!Thanks.

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