The Night I Forgot My Working Files Home…

Hi, there! I’m Yvonne, one of the marketing specialists from ASUS WebStorage. Many things are keeping us quite busy lately. We’re busy updating and optimizing our products, as well as organizing several marketing events. During such busy days, something that can’t be forgotten forever may happen in some way. Here, I’ve a terrible personal experience that I would like to share with you about the importance of “sync”. Here’s the story about that miserable night of my overtime work…

It was Friday and almost the end of working hours, but I did not even have time to work on the report that must be sent by the upcoming early Monday morning. So, regardless how unwilling I was, I brought the files home and asked to myself “why do I have to work during the weekend again!!” I thought it would only take about 2 hours to finish the work. But who knows something that I least expected happened!! It was Saturday night when I was about to start my overtime work. I plugged in the USB drive to my home computer, and it happened! Oh, no! It couldn’t be true! I couldn’t believe that I forgot the most important file at office. If it wasn’t that I didn’t have the keys to the office in hand, I would have rushed to the office and get that file right away. Meanwhile, I was so upset and pissed off, of course follow by the four-letter words…

After I had calmed down, I started to look for the file from my email box. Finally, I found an older version of the report and was forced to redo the work using it. I eventually completed the report that night, but with double time. By that time, it was 3 in the early morning! I was so exhausted, but with the fear of files not saved properly again, I confirmed everything over and over again. Until I had made perfectly certain that the file had been successfully sent out and safely saved in my USB drive, before I can finally relax and went to sleep. All the hard work was only for my scheduled event on that Sunday. However, naturally, I slept over, and the whole Sunday was ruined. I could hardly accept things turned out like this!

Well, now the “sync” feature of ASUS WebStorage has launched. It has a “sync folder”. It is like a tunnel that can get through each computer. Files stored in Computer A and are also available in Computer B (of course the sync function must be activated). Doesn’t it sound amazing! You don’t need any other tools and the files would automatically sync between multiple computers. It seems I can say good-bye to my USB drive which I have been relying on for a long time. Besides, my USB drive is so small that can be lost easily. For those who had similar miserable experience like me may be interested in this amazing sync feature and want to give it a try. I really hope no one will experience the tragedy of forgetting to bring files home again!

2 thoughts on “The Night I Forgot My Working Files Home…”

  1. Problem with the secondary adsdres line!!Most phones give you \”Address line 1\” and \”Address line 2,\” so you can create an entry as follows:Address line 1: 123 Happy StreetAddress line 2: Apartment #1Curiously, the second adsdres line is called \”Extension\” in my N95\’s adsdres book.This \”Extension\” field is not supported in this version of the software, so while street adsdreses sync flawlessly, I lose all of the secondary adsdres info (Apt #, PO box, etc.).Can you guys please add support for this in the next version of the software?Thx!

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